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Come to RTU
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Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics Professor Ēriks Geriņš:

The fields, in which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics educates and trains students, are of strategic importance: they create products with high added value and supply all other industries with machines, production systems, components and related services, as well as the necessary technologies and know-how.

The curricula of the study programs implemented by the Faculty are coordinated with the industry associations, including the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia. Industry representatives participate in the development and improvement of all study programs, they also take part in the defense of graduation papers. This guarantees that the study programs correspond to the requirements of 21st century industry.

Faculty graduates work in Latvia, EU countries, USA, Switzerland and other countries. The work of the alumni of the study program «Aviation Transport» has an even more global character: they receive a certificate of an aviation transport technical maintenance specialist, which attests that their competences and skills conform to general European requirements. The certificate is recognized in the international labor market. In Latvia, mechanical engineering and metalworking industries are clearly exportoriented, on average about 70% of production volume is exported to more than 100 countries, thus the export market and the geography of faculty graduates’ activities is very wide.

36A Viskalu Street, room 222, Riga +371 67089711


University of Washington University of Washington
Office of Ceremonies

Dr. Ronald Moore bearing the university mace during the 2008 graduation ceremony. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Why do we have commencement and convocation ceremonies? What ultimate purpose do they serve and what role does tradition play in realizing that purpose?

In 2014, former University Marshal and professor of philosophy Dr. Ronald Moore addressed these questions in an inspirational presentation to the Northwest Regional Meeting of the National Association of Commencement Officers on the campus of the University of Washington.

Dr. Moore stepped down as University Marshal in 2015, after 17 years of service in that role.

The University Marshal is the official bearer of the mace, which symbolizes the governing power of the university, and the master of ceremonies at the University’s commencement and new student convocation ceremonies. The University Marshal is the first to welcome our incoming students at the new student convocation and, four years later, it is his voice that announces the ceremonial conclusion of their undergraduate experience when he declares the “Commencement Exercises of the University of Washington are now closed.”

The punctuation points of experience

Dr. Moore began his address by noting that he not only likes commencement ceremonies, he has serious philosophical reasons for enjoying the occasion. He stressed the value of “punctuation” points in life and cited John Dewey’s view that “value most readily accrues to experience when we articulate it into episodes with beginnings, middles, and end.” The meaningfulness of an experience is necessarily bound up in this sense of form and in the arrival at an end point.

Commencement exercises and convocations serve as the punctuation points of academic experience, and as such theycontribute in profound ways to themeaning of that experience.

The four Ionic columns featured during commencement symbolize the UW’s early beginnings. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

At the University of Washington commencement ceremony, graduates once again experience the themes that were introduced at their new student convocation – the academic regalia, the procession of the gowned faculty, the music, the mace and the four Ionic columns that symbolize the early beginnings of the university in 1861. The University Marshal delivers the first official University greeting to the incoming students at convocation and places the “period” on their undergraduate life when he announces,four years later, the close of the commencement exercises, picks up the mace and leads the recession.

Dr. Moore also talked about the place of tradition in academic ceremonies. Tradition, he said, is, of its very nature, something that is acquired over time. He offered an example from his own life. Years ago, after one Christmas, he took down the tree and decided to keep the trunk, thinking that it was good wood and could be burned in the fireplace the following year. Over time this became a tradition – the previous year’s tree became the yule log for the following Christmas.

The New Phytologist
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. Corresponding author.
MPMI march issue cover .

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DUPLESSIS S , JOLY DJ, DODDS PN ( 2012 ) Rust effectors. Chapter 7 Outlet Classic Nicekicks Online Sigerson Morrison Woman Kimay Ruched Leather Ankle Boots Light Brown Size 85 Sigerson Morrison Outlet Genuine HMQI0Myc
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European Journal of Plant Pathology

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HACQUARD S, PETRE B, FREY P, HECKER A, ROUHIER N, DUPLESSIS S ( 2011 ) The poplar-poplar rust interaction: insights from genomics and transcriptomics. Vol. 2011,Article ID 716041, 11 pages ( doi:10.4061/2011/716041 ). Corresponding author.

Journal of Pathogens
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